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CE0123   The Adacolumn is an adsorptive type extracorporeal leukocyte apheresis device. The apheresis column is filled with specially designed cellulose acetate beads as the adsorptive carriers. Analyses of the blood emerging from the column have revealed that the carriers selectively adsorb granulocytes and monocytes / macrophages; lymphocytes are not significantly adsorbed. Therefore, the Adacolumn is for selective leukocyte apheresis.

Association of Granulocytes, Monocytes / Macrophages with Tissue Injury in IBD

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) like ulcerative colitis (UC) is an autoimmune disorder, patients with UC are likely to have elevated and activated granulocytes. Active UC is frequently associated with infiltration of large number of granulocytes and macrophages into the bowel mucosa. The infiltrated leukocytes can release degradative enzymes, oxygen derivatives and proinflammatory substances that can cause bowel injury and promote further inflammation. It is believed that much of the watery diarrhea seen in severe IBD is a result of injury to the absorptive epithelium, thus making these cells incapable of absorbing adequate water. These understandings have led some experts to believe that management of excess or activated granulocytes and monocytes / macrophages by apheresis should be a novel new strategy to promote remission of active UC.

This view was supported by a recent multicenter clinical trial that showed Adacolumn apheresis produced remission in a large fraction of patients with severe active UC together with a remarkable safety record. In reality, with Adacolumn apheresis, physicians achieved remission of UC that had been difficult to realize with conventional medications.

Approval of Adacolumn Medical Device in Japan

In Japan, results from the multicenter clinical trial in patients with active UC mentioned above provided the required safety and efficacy data for the approval of Adacolumn by the Japan Ministry of Health and Welfare as a medical device for the treatment of patients with active UC. Approval No 21100BZZ00687000. Hence, currently Adacolumn is available on the market throughout Japan and is being used for treating active UC.
Similarly, in subsequent years, the Adacolumn was introduced into the national health reimbursement scheme for the treatment of patients with active Crohn's disease, and pustular psoriasis, which is expressed as a neutrophilic dermatosis.

Find Out More About Adacolumn

  1. Adacolumn is a selective leukocyte apheresis device.
  2. Adacolumn apheresis is very effective for active ulcerative colitis.
  3. Adacolumn has an excellent safety record.
  4. Adacolumn apheresis is associated with minimum burden on the patient.
  5. Adacolumn apheresis improves patient’s Quality of Life and lowers medical cost.

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